About GLE Group

'A company with a Global approach, but with a Local, lean and mean mindset'.

GLE means Global & Local Entreprises 

'A company with a Global approach, but with a Local, lean and mean mindset.' GLE Group consists of a chain of workshops with well-trained, highly professional mechanics and supervisors who have decades of experience in the field of repair and other activities on transport industry vehicles. Whether these concerns, amongst others, trucks, trailers or dollies, GLE Group staff is trained to perform the maintenance or repair the vehicles need.
Their experience is expanded on a daily basis because of the unique feature that the whole ICTS Group fleet, consisting of more than 2500 trailers and a smaller amount of other vehicle types, is being maintained by GLE Group. Maintaining these trailers creates an optimal workflow for the workshops and service vans; in that way, running cost can be kept low and at the same time the team has the flexibility to shift between external and internal customers where priority needs it. It’s therefore a win-win for both external customers and GLE workshops; Fast and flexible service against sharp market-conform pricing is what GLE Group offers its customers!
Further to a sustainable vision, GLE Group also attempts to work via a well-established waste- and recycling management system. This varies from separating garbage and waste, all the way towards the collection of operational parts like brake shoes, worn tyres, tools and batteries. Even liquids like oil are being stored separately and collected by specialized waste companies. GLE Group has set-up rules and procedures of which staff is living by.

By being an official and authorized service partner for many brands, GLE Group can ensure that (spare) parts are in stock for just-in-time delivery or replacement, that purchase pricing is sharp where the customer can directly benefit from and that GLE has specialized equipment in-house to perform the necessary work. Being an authorized dealer also means that GLE is able to execute and finalize warranty cases for these brands.