Trailer rental and sales

Benefit from great trailer rental and trailer sales conditions, including the needed services powered by GLE Group. 

Benefit from great short-term and long-term trailer rental conditions and trailer sales, including the needed services performed by GLE Group.
Because of the close connection between GLE Group and ICTS Group, GLE Group provides the entrance for customers to benefit from special trailer rental conditions or purchase well-maintained used trailers of ICTS Group.
The young ICTS fleet consists of no fewer than 2500+ trailers, of which 90% are rented on a continuous basis with 60% long-term rental and 40% short-term rental. This business concept allows optimal work processes. With a fleet of 2500 trailers, spread across different countries, ICTS aims to achieve a 90% optimum balance between occupancy and availability.
Visit the website of ICTS Group to find out which trailer type is most suitable for your business operation and get in touch with ICTS to discover the possibilities on your optimal fleet management.