Workshop activities

GLE Group performs several workshop activities for optimal fleet management.

The employees of the GLE workshops are all specialists when it comes to trailers. Changes to be made to trailers in order to optimise them for customers, can take place in GLE workshops.

In order to make sure the result of MOT-inspections is positive, in the workshops of GLE Group (preventive) maintenance work is carried out on trailers. For example, GLE can check if the brake linings are in order and, if needed, can replace the brake linings: the so-called brake revision

A very unique aspect of GLE Group is that in the Belgian workshops GLE is authorized to perform MOT-inspections of trailers with Dutch registration numbers!

On certain GLE locations, staff is qualified to perform annual 'LPK' inspections (Dutch: Laadlift Periodiek Keuren) to taillifts. During this inspection, the safety

It is mandatory to have a tachograph calibrated every two years. GLE workshops are certified to perform tachograph inspections and calibrations. The workshops have the right equipment in-house and staff is qualified to read and calibrate the device. If needed, replacement can also be executed. 

GLE Group workshops have the right EBS diagnostics equipment in-house to read the EBS system, delete errors or malfunctions and change settings when this is needed. 

Repair work that GLE can perform in-house, is wide-ranging. For example, in the workshops repairs of superstructures are performed on tarps and boxes, and polyester repairs are performed on refrigerated trailers. Workshop staff replaces lighting if necessary, changes tyres when they show excessive wear or damage, and can rearrange chassis beams.

GLE Group is able to perform specialised work on roller tracks. With this specialisation, customers optimally benefit in the workshops around airports and on-site airport field services by GLE Group because roller conveyors are very frequently used to load and unload aircraft pallets.

The workshops of GLE are able to perform in-house work on aluminium, steel and stainless steel plates for repair or replacement, or when parts are not available. 

Workshops stock the Ultra-Seal product so that new or existing tyres of both ICTS trailers and external trailers can be filled on request, so that customers will benefit from optimum tyre pressure, fewer punctures or blowouts - and therefore fewer breakdowns - and a minimum of tyre wear.

The GLE workshops have their own truck wash stations to offer this service to customers. Take advantage of driving directly into the washing station when a trailer is being

GLE Group has ample parking, providing space for more than 100 trailers, for both customers of ICTS rental fleet and external customers. For example, in Antwerp there is sufficient parking for more than 60 trailers. An additional advantage of parking space at the workshops is that the workflow of the workshops is optimised; the customer thus benefits from a quick and efficient handling of the maintenance or repair work performed on their trailer(s). The best way to minimise downtime!

GLE Group has qualified staff and the right equipment to carry out all the relevant maintenance work on trucks.

GLE Group is able to offer several OE branded parts and spare parts at the counter of each workshop location. Minimise your downtime by contacting GLE for stocked parts for sale.