Field Services

 GLE Group carries out several field services for maximum fleet performance. 

With a fully equipped service bus, GLE Group can perform all kinds of common repair and maintenance work for both regular customers, users of the ICTS rental fleet and external customers.

In case of major breakdowns that need extra assistance and the service bus cannot carry out on-site repairs, GLE Group has its own breakdown service for both users of the ICTS fleet and external customers. The entire handling of a breakdown, from the reporting to the invoicing, is carried out and supervised by GLE Group.

Thanks to the fully-equipped service van, GLE is able to assist customers with or without their own workshops with maintenance work (according to a fixed or flexible maintenance schedule) or with any repairs that are needed. On a fixed, agreed day or time, GLE will visit the customer and take care of the work that needs to be done, which will save the customer (permanent) staff and thus fixed staff costs.

GLE Group has unique validated access passes for access to restricted areas and the performance of work in places where customers usually cannot enter. Examples are rail terminals such as in Zeebrugge, but also the terminal of the Dutch airport Schiphol in Amsterdam.

As is the case with rail terminals, GLE Group also has validated access passes for restricted areas at airports. In case of problems with a trailer of a customer before or during loading or unloading at a dock with a short timeslot, the customer will be fined directly when the loading or unloading is delayed.

The same privileges for access to a rail terminal or airport also apply to GLE Group regarding quaysides. This unique access permit has several advantages and win-win situations for customers: When a trailer on a ferry has damage on arrival, this has usually happened during the crossing. An inspection can be performed immediately upon arrival at the quayside and any damages that may have occurred on the ship will be charged to the ferry operator.

In addition to the parking facilities at the workshops for efficient and fast maintenance work, this aspect is also offered as a field service. When a customer has a non-peak, GLE can offer its parking space as an additional service, so that a customer does not have to take the trailer to the home base.

Because GLE Group has its own trucks, GLE can pick up a customer’s trailer and return it after maintenance or repair. In this way, the customer avoids any limitations due to the law on driving hours when a maximum time has been scheduled for a driver with his load. GLE makes things easier, so that customers can optimally focus on their business!