A very unique aspect of GLE Group is that in the Belgian workshops GLE is authorized to perform MOT-inspections of trailers with Dutch registration numbers!
GLE Group has a permanent license to perform MOT-inspections of Dutch trailers in Zeebrugge. In addition to this license, the workshop in Zeebrugge of course has highly qualified examiners, the right measuring instruments, such as a brake tester, and diagnostic equipment. Many customers already make use of this unique feature; currently, GLE Group carries out 3500 MOT-inspections annually, of which 35% are fleet customers of ICTS Group and 65% are third parties and customers.
Because the inspection can also take place in Belgium and the workshops work closely together, GLE Group is able to inspect 95% of the Belgian and Dutch ICTS fleet with Dutch registration numbers in-house, which directly benefits customers in general: Dutch MOTs are generally faster than the Belgian annual inspections, and a customer in international transport who drives across the Belgian and Dutch borders, is therefore not restricted by or dependent on the country of registration of his trailer.